This is a collection of images that have imprinted themselves on me over the last few years.  

Part journal, part creative outlet. I feel privileged to have travelled through these places and this is one way I can share the experience, to bring part of it back. 

I find I need to spend time in nature to stay grounded and present. Too much time in built environments and the disconnection creeps in. Screens, news, information, updates, alerts - all meaningless. And so again I go. As a culture we have so much knowledge, so much technology, yet we completely miss what is most important. What gives us life. It is so glaringly obvious it hurts. We extract, use and abuse this planet as a resource. Rarely do we look back at the destruction we have caused, or think about the problems we are leaving our children to deal with. The insanity is mainstream. 

When I travel I am reminded of many things. The sheer power of wild places. Their innate ability to heal and restore. The significance (and insignificance) of humans. Resilience, Creativity, Similarity, Difference. It’s all here. Everything we need to thrive, our planet provides unconditionally. But these gifts aren’t to be taken for granted, and they must not be abused. When we stop being grateful, when we stop showing respect, they will cease to flow.

And so with that in mind I share these images, in the hope that they speak to you the same way they speak to me.

Thanks for stopping by.



I acknowledge and pay my respects to the Gunaikurnai Nations as traditional custodians of the land that I come from. I acknowledge and pay my respects to the traditional owners of all the lands that I travel, to their cultures, and to Elders past, present and emerging.

Richard is from Gippsland, VIC. He currently spends much of his time on the road and in the ocean.